The path of the wayside cross in Waitzendorf

Marterl © Stadtgemeinde Ziersdorf

In 2018 a renovation of the European observatory is commissioned by the municipal Schrattenthal. Therefore, it makes sense in this regard to emphasise the secret landmark of the municipal and to address oneself to establishing hiking routes in combination with education. Within the frame of the project ‘Path of the Wayside Cross in Waitzendorf’ the history of each chapel and wayside cross is researched and documented. Furthermore, the wayside crosses are maintained, i.e. renovated or rebuilt. A path of wayside crosses with three round stages is being elaborated. The promotion of the path happens with the help of distributing folders and the Internet. This is a contribution to the raising of awareness of the culture and history of the region by focusing wayside crosses, chapels and the European observatory. In addition, touristic pastime activities for residents and municipal guests are offered.

funding organization: LF3
year of implementation:
: cultural heritage 
funding priority:
maintenance and use of cultural heritage