Application Weinviertel in Vienna

In order to increase the popularity of tourism in the Weinviertel and establish the related concept on the Viennese market, the ‘Weinviertel Tourismus GmbH’ wants to initiate a new project. The Weinviertel is going to present its touristic USP together with its regional partners at the ‘Wiener Erntedankfest’ and ‘Weinviertel DAC Präsentation’ in the Wiener Hofburg. In the course of the project Marketing and Public Relations campaigns are used online and offline. Furthermore image videos are produced and existing Apps for regional festivals are improved.
The project will be submitted as a national co-operative project in 4 LEADER regions of Weinviertel:
1. Weinviertel-Manhartsberg
2. Weinviertel Ost
3. Weinvietel Donauraum
4. Marchfeld

more information

funding organization: Ecoplus
year of implementation: 2019-2022
category: tourism
funding priority: creation of value