Direkt marketer stalls Nappersdorf and Wullersdorf

Bild © Hofladen Graf und Greis

Self-service systems are becoming more and more popular and enable peasant direct marketers to acquire new customer target groups. In each of the municipalities, Nappersdorf and Wullersdorf two direct marketers are planning a self-service stall along the busy main roads. Both offer dairy products, juice, non-alcoholic sparkling wine, pumpkin seed oil, potatoes, and eggs in co-operation with six additional suppliers. The slogan ‘Weinviertler Kostbarkeiten´ (i.e. specialitites from the wine quarter in Lower Austria) is used by both direct marketers for a uniform labelling. In addition they have to register at the Internet platform www.kostbares-weinviertel.at as well as all further suppliers.

funding organization: LF3
year of implementation:
 2018 – 2019
: agriculture
funding priority
common weal