Teenagers exploring the world of mills

Mühle © Dr. Otto Schöffl

In the last millennial the western wine quarter used to be characterized by numerous mills. Nowadays they are decayed, ruined or are used as storage rooms. Various coffee-table books about these cultural properties have been published.  Fans and adorers of these historical landmarks participate in mills clubs endeavoring to preserve them as well as trying to raise awareness of their cultural importance. With this in mind the club ‘Kühle Mühle’ (i.e. ‘Cool Mill`) founded by Dr. Otto Schöffl is supporting this cultural property by establishing the Mills Academy in Hollabrunn, putting up two mills memorials and publishing various books on the topic. Numerous speeches on the topic have been held, but the youth was missing in the audience. As a consequence, the idea of pupils and adolescents elaborating their own book about mills was born, due to a general trend of attempts to revitalize mills. Therefore the students of art classes at the HLW Hollabrunn (vocational college for economic professions) are working on a “Book of mills” with the support of open-minded and interested teachers.

funding organization: LF3
year of implementation:
 2018 – 2019
: cultural heritage
funding priority:
Preservation and usage of cultural heritage