Educational areas Röschitz / Heldenberg / Schrattenthal

Gemeinde Röschitz_Virtualisierung des Veranstaltungssaales © Architekt Zieser

In the project ‚Eucational areas Röschitz / Heldenberg / Schrattenthal‘ the region is planning the ‘further development of the educational region Weinviertel-Manhartsberg’ in three subprojects, in the course of which the infrastructure for communal education will be improved in the following municipalities:

  • In the municipality Heldenberg an event room in the Automobile Museum will be equipped as an educational room.
  • In the municipality Röschitz the educational room is part of a newly established event hall.
  • In the municipality Schrattenthal the huge council chamber will be adapted to serve as a room for presentations and panel discussions and the smaller council chamber will be equipped for seminar comprising up to 40 people.

funding organization: LF3
year of implementation:
: education
funding priority: 
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