Pilot study application Weinviertel in Vienna


For many years businesses from the Weinviertel wish to be present on the Viennese market in a better way. With the help of different initiatives there have already been organised selected events in Vienna (e.g. Weinviertel DAC presentations, regional products on market places and various individual initiatives). Unfortunately they were not promoted under the brand name ‘Dach Weinviertel’.

The main issue in the Weinviertel is the wine including Kellergassen (i.e. streets with wine cellars), wine festivals etc. as well as gastronomic consumption, which this fertile region has to offer. The well-established bicycle routes and the Weinviertel Way of St. James offer ideal conditions to sporty guests.
The Viennese should get to know the Weinviertel with its touristic offers but also the regional products better.

more information

funding organization: Ecoplus
year of implementation: 2017
category: tourism
funding priority: creation of value