Vitalisation of the town centre by a festival in Retz


The festival Retz has been taking place for 13 years now in co-operation with the music festival Znojmo. During the summer season this event offers art at the highest stage in the Weinviertel, including church operas, theatre performances, literature events and reading as well as concerts. By offering more than 40 performances on this side and across the Austrian-Czech border it has developed into one of the main attractions of the year within the cultural area of Lower Austria and Moravia and has become highly artistically appreciated by both regions.
To strengthen the residents’ identification with the festival and to counteract the latent vacancy in the town centre, the association ‘Kellermuseum Retz’, Weinquartier Retz and Probus (a wine growers’ initiative of the Generali group) is planning a LEADER project covering the topic ‘Vitalising the town centre in co-operation with the festival Retz’.

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funding organization: LF3
year of implementation: 2017
category: common weal
funding priority: vitalization and designing of town centres