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Planning project – Using natural resources in the Western Weinviertel

This project serves to raise awareness towards the region’s extraordinary fauna and flora in Lower Austria, Vienna and the Czech Republic including the physiographic distribution. The first stage is dedicated to an educational project focusing on ‘natural resources and species diversity in the Schmidatal and Retzerland’. The project’s target is to make these natural resources […]

Waldviertel – That’s right down my alley

Cuisine and taste are central touristic issues in Waldviertel (see also the tourism strategy for Waldviertel and Lower Austria 2020). In the year 2010 the ‘Destination Waldviertel GmbH initiated ‘Waldviertel – ganz mein Geschmack’. First 72 taste adventures were united. Since 2012 this initiative has been the market leader among taste adventures and their number […]


Musical educational festival in Grabern

In 2016 the music event Grabern welcoming almost 3000 guests, showing 74 performances in 15 locations took place in the market town Grabern. With a choice of 15 different music genres there was something for everybody. 256 musicians were able to show their talent and could increase the region’s publicity. The presenters provided the audience […]

Modules and workshops for broadcasters

‘radioYpsilon’ is an independent, non-profit medium free of advertising, whose supporting association is ‘Kommunikationszentrum nördliches Niederösterreich’). All members of the community are allowed to broadcast themselves. Social, cultural and ethnical minorities as well as people who are discriminated against for example because of their sexual orientation and their ethnical origin have first call for doing […]

Cellar – comfort zone in Pulkautal

In every Kellergasse (streets with a high number of wine cellars) of the Pulkautal cellar comfort zones are planned to be set up. They should offer the opportunity for cyclers to refresh and relax. These comfort zones should be characterised by a common label and design. Wine press houses with some space in front are […]


Qualification & professionalisation KG-leader

For more than 10 years the KG Kellergasse has been trying to preserve and revitalise the Kellergassen (i.e. lane or hollow way with wine cellars on one or both sides) in the Weinviertel. The aim of this project is to improve the image and quality of guided tours through the Kellergassen. That way the interests […]


Artistic use of abandoned property

Abandoned property in the town centre is a crucial issue in the municipalities of Lower Austria. New buildings are constructed in the village outskirts, but the town centre is confronted with more and more out-migration. The municipalities are usually perceived as unattractive and are therefore hardly in line for business premises or new living space […]

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Edible Hollabrunn

This project is an attempt to raise the local residents’ awareness of regional and seasonal groceries and offers the chance to discuss the topic and deal with it in an active way. This way the urban space of living can put a focus on related educational and culinary related aspects. The process of growth and […]

Education festival ‘Bildung to go’

Learning and wondering about what the region has to offer as well as celebrating are the central aspect of this event. ‘BILDUNG TO GO’ shows in an informative and entertaining way what our region has to offer by focusing on the educational aspect. Experimenting, trying out new things together, collecting new experiences and celebrating co-educational […]